More Leads

Over 3,800 leads are delivered to RE/MAX agents every day. Online, RE/ and RE/ attract more visitors, and work for you 24/7. In combination with LeadStreet, a comprehensive lead and customer relationship management system, you get more, higher-quality leads and can manage them better to optimize your business strategy. Receive lead information via email, or have it sent directly to your phone for instant follow-up opportunities. And the best part? You don't pay any additional fees charged by other national networks and online lead generators.

Agent-to-Agent Referral Network

With RE/MAX, you gain access to a worldwide network of top real estate professionals: that's a referral network of over 90,000 agents in 90 countries. Make connections and highlight your strengths at events and on our web-based referral roster so you can find the agent who is most compatible with the clients you need to refer. Cultivate relationships with other RE/MAX agents to create a powerful referral network, and it all happens agent-to-agent. No middleman, no corporate interference, and no extra fees.

Get Solid, Niche Leads

Identify yourself as a specialist or area expert, and cultivate your brand and lead-generation by obtaining designation and certifications that make a big difference in niche markets. Become known for luxury real estate, the farm and agricultural land market, military relocations, resort homes, working with seniors, new construction, and more. Become the "go-to" agent with the help of RE/MAX University programs and get better quality leads and referrals.

Worldwide Reach

By joining RE/MAX, you connect yourself with a worldwide network of over 90,000 agents in 90 countries. Our brand -- and our agents -- are everywhere, and recognized internationally for excellence in real estate. Our marketing campaigns benefit agents everywhere they're located, and our no-interference, no-middleman referral network allows you to connect with the best agents directly, no matter where they are. Connect online or at one of our many conventions or events designed to foster cooperation and referral communities.